Contract Manufacturing

       If temperature-sensitive materials are used in the product formulation, mention the allowed humidity / temperature range.
       If specific light conditions are required during production, filling, pressing,coating and packaging operations, please mention.
Product Specifications:

Kg /




(Number per Year)

(Raw Materials) Mill and Sieve Stage
Blending Stage
Pressing Stage
Capsule Filling
Storage Conditions:
Storage Conditions
Allowed Maintenance Period at Each Stage
Required Container
Secondary Packaging Specifications
Does the client require chemical and microbial testing of the raw material / product other than in-process quality control (physical) tests or not? 
Practicable Tests

- The Contract Giver is required to provide the method of each test with its reference

- If other tests are required to be performed, the Contract Giver should provide the reference to all standards, impurities, HPLC column, etc. while providing the method

Approved by Representative of the Contract Giver
Approved by Authorized Person of the Contract Giver