Mission & Vission

We aim to provide our country with quality drug treatment at affordable prices. Our mission is to find solutions to some of the major challenges of our time and improve quality of life for our growing population by focusing our research and development activities on preventing, alleviating and treating diseases. The power behind Aani Darman Pharmaceutical Co. (PJS) is our talented and quality-focused employees, who work with passion and put all of their effort to provide the best for the patients. Our vision is to combine modern pharmaceutical research with medicine to improve patients' lives and to be a trusted source. We are passionate in both decision and action and we believe that good business means a better population.


Aani Darman Co was registered in 2014 in affiliation with Ahran Group which is considered as one of the largest Iranian pharmaceutical groups, and obtained establishment license in 2018 , during march 2018 was officially authorized to implement their solid oral dosage forms production line(Tablet and Capsule) Aani Darman was granted the GMP certificate from the iranian FDA after inspection and meeting with their approval and is prepared for and capable of contract manufacturing and analysis.

Quality Assurance

Our first task is to ensure the safety and effectiveness of our products at all stages of product preparation and also before and after entering the market . To achieve this, our quality assurance department at Aani Darman has continuous and effective oversight of control and commitment to producing high quality products, with a strong support from the experienced management and talented personnel, to complete the quality assessment of the manufactured products.

Quality Control

The primary duty of every pharmaceutical manufacturer is to ensure the safety and efficacy of their products at all stages of preparation - before and after market entry. The Quality Control Department of Aani Darman supported by the continuous supervision of the experienced management and the effective effort of expert employees keeps assessing the manufactured products and helps provide high quality products. Our QC Department consists of microbial control laboratories, device analysis, in process quality control (IPQC), packaging control, physicochemical control of raw materials and products units.Our laboratories located in an appropriate area, designed and equipped with advanced equipment according to the latest FDA quality control guidelines and international standards. The mission of all staff is to pay special attention to safety, focusing on the quality of the manufactured products, environmental protection, human, organizational and community values, education, innovation, improvement and to help raising the health level and awareness of the community; which contribute to the high quality of Aani Darman Products.

Research & Development

The Research and Development Department (R&D) at Aani Darman has begun to work with the aim of actualizing national resolve and independency of the pharmaceutical industry of the country as one of the main departments of the company. We are able to design and develop new formulations with the practical capability to our existing production lines as well as constantly improving the quality of the company’s products and reducing the errors thanks to the experienced specialists, the latest international scientific achievements and proper equipment. Aani Darman is proud of being capable of designing, manufacturing and distributing high-quality medicinal products that facilitate patient’s access to affordable and high-quality healthcare.




Research & Development